This project formed part of my final year whilst studying BA (Hons) Textiles. It was influenced by the Constructivist movement and in particular, an exhibition at the Royal Acedemy in 2012, that was dedicated to this intriguing industrial movement. The Constructivist movement was an artistic and architectural philosophy that was built from the creation of a simple language of form; a geometric abstraction that pushed towards a language of mathematics, engineering, structure and composition. I had a keen interest in how the Constructivist designers represented their theories of Industry and the machine through compositional paintings, architecture or textile designs. I used my industrial photographs to create graphic designs for screen-prints, using elements of the photographs combined with hand drawings to build up layers of colour and line.

The pieces have all been hand screen-printed and dyed using Reactive (Procion) dyes and also discharged in places. I have printed onto different compositions of silk / cotton / linen / rayon, using alternative imagery on different screens to slowly build up layers of the design.